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In addition to periodontal non-surgical and surgical therapy including laser periodontal therapy, gingival soft tissue grafts, esthetic and functional crown lengthening and surgical extractions, we now offer socket, ridge preservation and sinus augmentation with bone grafts, placement of single and full arch dental implants and treatment of peri-implant diseases and conditions.


Obtaining excellent periodontal and implant surgery results is fundamental to our practice. We also personally follow up and maintain all surgical patients to assure the longevity of dental implants and surgical procedures. 

10 Astonishing Facts About Gum Disease That Can Change Your Life
  1. Gum disease is silent.

  2. Gum disease isn’t just a disease for older people.

  3. Gum disease is contagious.

  4. “Pink in the sink” is not normal.

  5. Chronic bad breath is a sign of gum disease

  6. Gum disease is linked to other serious conditions, including heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more

  7. Gum disease can be hereditary

  8. You can regenerate parts of your body!

  9. Dental implants can get gum disease too

  10. Losing teeth shortens your life

Our Mission
Our goal is to help patients reach the highest level or oral health possible so they not only enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, functional and attractive smile, but also an improvement in their overall general health. We pride ourselves on the patient centered approach by offering thorough patient education, gentle health treatment methods, well-trained staff and quality patient service. We work in partnership with other dentists in the community to help ensure comprehensive care for our patients.